Noosa Amsterdam - Wabi Sabi Collection

Date Posted:24 March 2017 


Available online now!

Noosa Amsterdam Wabi Sabi Collection Bags

The new Wabi Sabi Original Bags Collection. These stunning bags are also available in light grey (to order). With so many size variations you are guaranteed to find something to suit your lifestyle. Made ethically in Fair Trade conditions making them even more special. Some great additions to your everyday here!


Noosa Amsterdam Wabi Sabi Collection bags in Blue Tie-Dye an exciting change to the everyday. Think denim and grey in the winter or back on whites for the summer. A great little bag to fit the essentials in style.  


Noosa Amsterdam Wabi Sabi Chunk Collection

New Wabi Sabi Original Chunk Collection...some really beautiful additions to your collection here featuring abalone shell and coconut. Kiku and Mottanai from this collection featuring abalone shell have been really popular to date.


Noosa Amsterdam Wabi Sabi Bracelets

New Wabi Sabi bracelet styles to choose from too, including "Fairness" and "Serenity". Fairness is available in Ochre, Light Grey and Pink. Serenity available in Light Grey and Blue.


Noosa Amsterdam Wabi Sabi Collection

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