Australian Designed Party Season Styling

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Stand out and stay relevant with Seasons Emporium’s fabulous party season fashion. Browse our catalogue for an extensive range of Australian designed high-fashion with homegrown brands like Kompanero and Brave & True.


Kompanero Brandi Bag

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When you’re going out to paint the town red, choose to travel light with a red Kompanero Brandi Bag, a delightful combination of clutch and crossbody bag with a secure design that holds a phone, keys and all the essentials you need. Each bag is handcrafted and unique, with a signature weathered look that makes it perfect to add a vintage touch to any kind of styling option. The Brand Bag goes everywhere with you and is available in a range of different colours. 


Brave & True Hat - Penn – Natural/Black

woman wearing a floppy hat whilst smiling

Add something special to that outdoor summer BBQ with this larger-than-life wide brimmed hat made from 100% raffia and confident black detailing along the brim. Brave & True continues its commitment to bold stylings which are perfect for spring and summer parties whether in a backyard or the beach.


Linda Tahija Astral Hoop Earrings - Gold

woman wearing gold earring holding her neck

Made from blue sapphires which are known to have healing and protective properties, these earrings are made from sterling silver and polished so they sparkle in any kind of ambient light. For the occasion that needs an understated look with just a touch of brightness, these Astral Hoop earrings were designed for the heady, dreamlike memories we all look to create on the occasions that define life.


Stella + Gemma Vegan Leather Margot Skirt – Gold

woman standing and smiling whilst wearing a gold skirt and green jumper

Made for every kind of celebration across all seasons, this timeless Stella + Gemma gold pleated skirt is the central focus of the outfit. Whether it is paired with a light blouse or combined with a tee shirt, this super comfortable skirt made with 95% polyester is versatile and works anytime, anywhere.


High Fashion Party Outfits and Accessories

Whether it’s a casual weekend brunch or a celebration of a lifetime, Seasons Emporium has something for every occasion that makes life special. Browse our extensive range of Australian designed luxury fashion brands and experience the very latest in fashion accessories from up-and-coming Australian designers.

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