Handwoven Alpaca Throws

Alpaca Wool Throw RugsInka Designs Alpaca Wool Throws

Inspired by Culture, Nature & Humanity

Wrap yourself in culture and craftmanship. Inka weaves the ancient tradition of artisan blanket-making with modern design and innovation. Made using sustainably sourced alpaca wool, your blanket is naturally warm and soft and hypoallergenic. Lovingly hand finished in Peru. 

Designed by dreamers in Australia - Inka Designs are made from 30% Alpaca Wool and 70% Synthetic Wool. I can be quite sensitive to wool products and the first thing I did when seeing this product was to hold it to my skin to see if if itched and it didn't...beautifully soft to the touch.

About Inka Designs -

"Our blankets are the work of many hands. From the hands of traditional artisans, and from our hands to yours; we are all woven together. Our commitment to human rights and ethical practices is part of honouring the humanity in each of us".

Inka is the realisation of a passion for culture and design. Established in 2012, Inka weaves together the threads of craftsmanship and creativity. Their dream is to breathe life into the ancient tradition of artisan blanket making by creating beautiful, sustainable pieces that become part of the fabric of your experience. Like the original artisans who crossed the Andes to display their handicrafts, inka brings the best of South America into your world. Your support for Inka translates into support for local South American artisans in passing this vital tradition from one generation to the next and from our hands to yours.

Inka is also a proud partner of "Peruvian Hearts" a foundation that empowers young women in Peru and enables them to follow their dreams. Peruvian Hearts believe every girl has the right to receive an education and dream of a brighter future. This is the underlying foundation and core philosophy for their work. Beautiful!

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