How to Choose Right the Scented Candle Online

It can be daunting to know how to choose the perfect scent online. So we have put together this guide to help you make the right decision!

Choosing a Space

The first thing you should consider is where you plan to use the candle. For the kitchen spaces, avoid floral smells as this can compete with food during cooking. Try a sweet or fresh candle that will complement food aromas. living spaces are more accommodating to a large range of scents as they are often larger spaces and won't be overpowered. 

Another consideration is the size of the space. For a large room or a room with high ceilings, you may need a larger candle, like the Madison Candle by Ecoya. A small space such as a bathroom or study could probably do with just a Mini Madison jar or a small reed diffuser. Of course there are no set rules. If you love softer scents you might go smaller in a big space or vice versa.  

 Safety should definitely be a consideration when choosing how to fragrance a space. Do you leave straighteners or irons on? Do you have small child or pets that like to touch things?  If you lean even slightly towards a yes, consider an Ecoya reed diffuser as a safer, flameless alternative. 


Choosing a Scent

Ecoya Scents  fall under 6 different families: Fresh, Fruity, Floral, Gourmand, Woody and Oriental. These each use different ingredients to create signature scents.



These are smells that are bright and invigorating. Think citrus, green herbal and fruity scents. These are very popular with the younger crowd, and are great for the bathroom

Ecoya Scent: Fresh Pine, Blue Cypress & Amber, Cactus Rain 


Fruity scents are pretty self-explanatory. Composed of refreshing, light, airy, sweet, fruity notes that evoke the smells of fresh fruit.

Ecoya Scent: Blood OrangeSpritz, Guava & Lychee SorbetCoconut & Elderflower, French Pear



These are scents that are made from flower fragrance bases. The rose, daisy, sweet pea, lavender or frangipani to name a few. This is a classic scent and is often most thought of when it comes to scented products.


Decadent and indulgent, Gourmand fragrances are rich with edible notes such as vanilla, chocolate, caramel or butterscotch. Gourmand fragrances are often sweet and sensual.

Ecoya Scent: Vanilla Bean


These are the earthy notes in things like sandalwood, cedar, patchouli or pine. They are often base notes that evoke images of a warm cozy couch and a roaring fireplace. They can be considered quite a neutral or masculine scent.


Oriental fragrances are sensual, sweet and even a little spicy. They draw their richness from heady substances like musk, vanilla and precious woods, often associated with exotic florals and spicy scents.

Seasonal - Limited Edition

Bring the outdoors in by matching your candle scent with the current season.

When its cold and wintery outside, bring warmth and create a cosy atmosphere with a woody, spicy scent. As spring approaches think floral and fresh scents, to assist with the spring cleaning. During the hot, steamy summer months, tropical fruits, coconut and citrus will freshen your space and embrace the tropical vibes. When the leaves begin to fall and the nights draw in, green, earthy scents are the perfect match to connect with nature.

Ecoya Scent: Blood Orange, Cactus Rain, Blossom, Coral, Spritz

Choosing a Candle

When it come to making a final selection, have a think about what type of smells you normally enjoy. Which categories would they belong to? Consider scents that mix two things you like. For example, a blend of fresh and woody scents. 

If you are looking for gift, look for scents that remind you of the person or take into account the decorative aspects. A reed Diffuser might look great in their bathroom or a Large Candle might match perfectly to their home décor. 

Layering fragrances is also a great option to create a unique and personal scent to your home. By using a diffuser, it allows the scent to being a constant subtle feature, then by using a candle of from a different fragrance family you can create a depth to the room that can evoke a different atmosphere depending on the combination.



Still got questions? 

send us a message and we can help you pick the scent perfect for you!

Amy xx

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