Spring and Summer Colours by Seasons Emporium

Pantone Colour Swatches

Brisbane takes its fashion seriously. As spring starts to roll in, be part of the new look for the season with fashion forward clothing designed in Australia with a fresh Pantone colour palette for those subtle shades and finishes. The 2021/2022 palette is thoughtful, bold, and is about standing out in the summer sun.


Green Ash

flip flops

Based in a light green, one of this summer’s most popular tones is a cool, slightly mentholated pantone green which hangs around in the sweet spot between mint and pistachio. Our personal recommendation is to incorporate this easy-on-the-eye colour with the Stella + Gemma Jewel Flip Flops with a simple slip-on design, a lightly patterned sole that makes it visually interesting and an almost subliminal gold detail on the strap which ties the flip flops together with any summer outfit you choose.


Burnt Coral

bright top

When it comes to colours that announce the arrival of summer, loud and clear, there’s no better combination than bright, lightly parched burnt coral with a cool white to really drive home the summer look. The Footprints top from Brave & True is all about standing out, with an eye-catching silhouette designed to evoke images of summer and a plunging neckline of light, flowing ruffles. Perfectly paired with light linen and sandals, this colour is the ideal fit for bright, sunny Australian days.


Desert Mist


This summer, take on the Australian heat with a shade of brown which proudly evokes images of softly blowing summer sands. Desert Mist is a shade that takes on the sunshine and holds its own against a brightly lit landscape. Complete any summer look with the Boone Hat from Brave & True for that perfect blend of outback chic and a grounded, bohemian flavour.


Spring Pantone Colours in Brisbane Fashion

Seasons Emporium is passionate about staying with the latest fashion, no matter the season. Our team of dedicated fashion experts curate the very best and latest in Spring and Summer pantone colours, with clothes and accessories designed to create the perfect ensemble for days of uninterrupted sunshine. Contact us today for the latest looks from Stella + Gemma and Brave & True. 

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