The Classics: Layering

When it comes to layering jewellery it can be daunting to know how to wear pieces intentionally and not look to overwhelmed. The on-trend look is must-have look for anyone who wants to upgrade their outfit to a new level, but still make it seem effortless.
There are endless options on how to combine your layering necklaces, but the important thing is to get a final result that looks like it took you seconds to put it together. Styling your necklaces is not that easy, but don’t worry because we have tips to help you get started and upgrade your layering game!
Tip 1: Keep it simple

Fine Jewellery is easiest to layer as it doesn't look heavy and complicated. By having varying lengths you can create dimension. Each necklace should be a different length, this helps to draw the eye down and can elongate the neck by creating a V-shape on the chest.
Tip 2: Add Texture

By adding different pendants and textures, you create interest and intention to your jewellery. This also allows you to add a personal element with meaningful pieces. Add in precious stones to add in colour and co-ordinate with other pieces.
Tip 3: Clothes

Your jewellery should compliment your outfit not compete.

If you want to highlight your layered pieces, consider wearing a V-neck or wear your layered necklaces over a dark coloured boat neck or turtle neck to really enhance gold or silver. For a more casual look pair with t-shirt and jeans for effortless chic.

Tip 4: Keep it Modern
An easy way to achieve a modern look is to pair almost identical necklaces, this unexpected look is a fresh and simple way to add dimension. Adding unexpected elements like spike helps to bring a bit of edge to a delicate look.
Tip 5: Don’t be Afraid to Experiment

Your Mother probably told you to never wear gold and silver together but this rule was made to be broken. It is great way to wear your favourite pieces and can compliment almost any outfit. Ensure pendants are of varying lengths and textures to create a truly unique look!
Bonus Tip
Not sure what length necklace you need? Check out of guide below!
Just remember there are no set rules, have fun and experiment!
if you're still confused get in touch and we can help you pick the right pieces.

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