The Rise of Jewellery with a Conscience in Australia

Ethical Jewellery: The Rise of Jewellery with a Conscience

Seasons Emporium is seeing the rise of ethical jewellery in Australia and around the world. Ethical jewellery is jewellery which is verified to have no negative impact on the workers producing it. Previously, you may not have known if your purchase of diamonds or gemstones was using low-paid labour, or inadvertently funding a conflict in another country. Today, you can trace the materials of ethical jewellery to their source and make informed decisions that are guilt free. Find out more about our favourite ethical jewellers: Noosa Amsterdam, Linda Tahija, Palas Jewellery and Murkani Jewellery.

The Ins and Outs of Ethical Jewellery Ownership

Here are a few tips for ethical jewellery investment. Know where your jewellery is sourced. Find out if it contains conflict-free gemstones or diamonds and the production is fair trade. If you purchase from a manufacturer who adheres to ethical practices, the answer will be yes. You might also consider buying jewellery created from recycled materials, or antique jewellery.
Noosa Amsterdam
Noosa Amsterdam featured completely handmade jewellery and leather accessories. Their Nepal factory is fair-trade certified and they also work with family manufacturers and jewellery artisans around the world. Noosa Amsterdam creates leather bracelet cuffs and accessories that are decorated with chunks, which are beautiful handmade jewelled buttons representing symbols from various cultures.
Linda Tahija
Linda Tahija is an artisan who creates meaningful and delicate symbolic jewellery. Her fine pieces are sustainable, made from natural untreated recycled gemstones and recycled metals and are crafted by Indonesian artisans who are paid fair working wages. Linda Tahija creates modern amulets that become heirlooms of the future. 
Palas Jewellery
Palas Jewellery has close associations with the artisans in Bali and Java, who produce most of their charming bangles, charms, rings, and chains. They are paid fair working wages and bonuses in a safe workplace. Palas jewellery applies strictly controlled processes to the metal work. They create meaningful jewellery that reflects the skill and artisanship that has gone into making each piece.
Murkani Jewellery
Murkani Jewellery is designed from natural long wearing materials, crafted using modern and traditional techniques. Their charming jewellery designs are informed by travel, architecture, and pattern work from cultures around the world. Murkani supports a non-profit charity for women and children and employs fair trade working practices for the artisans and workers that produce their Moorish inspired necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.
Shop for ethical jewellery with a conscience, designed by talented artisans such as Linda Tahija, Palas Jewellery, Murkani Jewellery and Noosa Amsterdam. To enquire, contact Seasons Emporium in Australia or call us on 07 3741 4999.

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