Winter Layering With Australian Designed Styles

 Layering Winter Fashion Jumper

As the weather changes and the cooler season moves in, fashionable layering becomes extra important to protect you from cold temperatures and chilly winds. You can combine conscious fashion with luxe boho styles from your favourite women’s boutique to ensure amazing winter layers and warmth.

Here are a few helpful tips for successful stylish layering this season.

 Winter Fashion Layering Dress Shirt Pants

Start With Staples

What are the staples of your closet? Choose the starting layer, whether it be your favourite jeans, business pants, or a long flowy skirt. Add the shirt on top and don’t forget to include singlets or tights underneath to stay extra warm. Once you have the basics, then you can add more layers on top to complete the look.

The Brave + True maxi length Lido dress or Cascade pants are a great place to start. A graphic logo tee or long-sleeved Montana top works well as the shirt layer underneath sweaters or ponchos. 


Winter Fashion Boutique Layering Outerwear

Add More Warmth

Once you have the first layer under control with a nice top and bottom, it’s time to take your winter style to the next level with warm outer layers like jumpers, ponchos and capes. You can find the right balance of beautiful styles without too much bulk by choosing a flattering fit and a longer length. 

If the weather is nice enough to skip a thick jacket but you still want to feel cozy, the Saffron Knit jumper has a chunky cowl neck for fun winter vibes. The Territory Poncho and Lee Garrett Luxe Wool Cape look lovely over jeans or leggings too.

 Winter Fashion Layering Accessories Boutique Australian

Finish With Accessories

Before you walk out the door, grab a cute felt hat and a scarf to protect your neck, face, and ears from the cold. Felt hats are luxurious, resilient and insulating, making them the perfect winter hat option. Then try a knit panel scarf over long sleeves or opt for playful pom-pom designs made from a soft boho blend. The Bubbles wrap scarf gives you great versatility: use it to completely cover your shoulders or just wear it around your neck.

Top it all off with stylish accents that tie the look together for a polished fashion statement. Your best pair of sunglasses or sparkly bracelets ensure your confidence and beauty shine through with these trendy winter layers.

Ready to take your winter layering to the next level? Shop Seasons Emporium for the best Brisbane fashion and all the lovely layers you deserve this season.

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