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It is tempting to buy accessories when on vacation. You're in an unusually good mood, and you've saved a bit of money for the occasion. You tell yourself you're entitled to a little gift, and… I agree with you.

If the design of a bracelet, a necklace, ring, or pair of earrings is truly original, and the price fits the material and the work time involved, nothing needs to keep you from making the purchase. Enjoy it! Revel! If, however, you see jewellery that looks expensive but is offered at a price which seems too beautiful to be true, then sadly, this is most probably the case.

Our experience is at your service

Since starting Seasons Emporium in 2013, we have gained much experience in the jewellery trade. It has bestowed us with a keen eye which allows distinguishing the difference between quality and fake, sometimes even at first sight.

Abroad, some vendors in little shops or at market stalls will have no second thoughts to offer zirconia while claiming it's a real diamond or a white sapphire which is just as rare. If the label on a necklace tells you it's 18-carat gold, do you have the knowledge to claim it's not only 14 carats or even 9 carats? How can you be sure that 1000 grams of 18-carat gold is indeed 750 grams of pure gold and 250 grams of silver or copper? Even Archimedes had it difficult to determine if King Hiero's crown was made of lead or gold. The gold trade laws and regulations in countries outside Australia differ significantly. It's even worse for diamonds and other valuable gems.

Also, the famous Moroccan pearls are often artificial, with a mother-of-pearl core which the crafters dip into a mixture containing fish scale. There exist several methods to create imitation pearls; some are simply made of glass. The pearl vendor may give you a certificate, it's true, but a genuine pearl doesn't need any papers. Treat it well, and it will always look perfect, no matter how old it gets.

Don't be fooled by tricksters. If you are tempted to buy handmade jewellery in Australia or abroad, and it looks genuine and is fairly-priced, indulge! It's lovely to show off with original trinkets that fit your personality. However, don't forget that you can also buy handmade jewellery online at Seasons Emporium.

Buy handmade jewellery online at Seasons Emporium

The brands you'll find on our website are reliable and deliver good-quality items for a price which reflects the cost of the material and the effort involved. They endorse fair-trade projects too. If you want to know more about these jewellery crafters, don't hesitate to ask us. Consider Seasons Emporium for a second reason. Not everyone has the time to travel, searching for handmade jewellery in Australia or countries far away. Save time, and browse rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings at your leisure. If you order handmade jewellery online for a total amount exceeding $50, the postage is free Australia-wide. Alternatively, buy something nifty for a friend; it will be gift-wrapped.