Noosa Amsterdam Original Chunk - Thistle
Noosa Amsterdam Original Chunk - Thistle
Noosa Amsterdam Original Chunk - Thistle

Noosa Amsterdam Original Chunk - Thistle

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In Scotland there is a local legend about this symbol that tells how a thistle saved the Scottish warriors from a night attack by the Danes, digging into the heel of one of the attackers. The Scots heard his heart-rending screams and safely defended themselves from the attack. Since then, the thistle has become a symbol of Scotland. In connection with this legend, it is also called the Guardian. The magical properties of the thistle protect against energy intervention.
Dimensions: 18mm

Country of origin - Nepal

Materials - white metal with powderstone

FAIR TRADE is essential to the production of NOOSA chunks. Noosa Amsterdam strives to trade in a fair and sustainable way by offering the artists a stable income and suitable workspace close to their homes. Noosa Amsterdam has created over 500 jobs in chunk manufacturing worldwide!

About Noosa Amsterdam

NOOSA Amsterdam is a unique concept created by two very passionate travellers who found themselves inspired by the huge diversity of cultures and symbolism found on Earth. Together, they came up with the idea of a unique line of customisable accessories: NOOSA.

NOOSA chunks can be seen as ‘souvenirs of yourself’; elements that create the feeling of being memories of extensive travels, unique cultures and the people you have met. The name NOOSA comes from the eponymous town in Australia, which both of the company’s founders have visited independently from each other. Both of them were deeply impressed by its atmosphere of authenticity, the special people and the magnificent National Park and therefore decided that NOOSA would be the perfect name for their brand of accessories.