Azure & Indigo


      Hand designed in Australia by a mother and daughter duo AZURE and INDIGO offer the finest in resort inspired fashion.

      "Celebrating authentic femininity with a touch of bohemian escapism our elevated and beautiful pieces offer women an effortless sense of style."

      Our collections are ethically and sustainably crafted with both the environment and artisan makers in mind. This philosophy means we choose to work in sustainably sourced premium 100% cotton. With a focus on signature textures and bespoke embroideries, all AZURE and INDIGO pieces are unique, offering treasured pieces designed to be worn for many seasons to come. Choosing to support hand-block printing and bespoke embroidery methods over machine-based practices helps keep the traditional heritage of Indian craftsmanship alive.

      Using traditional printing methods, our printing process is one of a kind. All prints have been drawn in pencil and expertly carved by hand into wooden printing blocks. These blocks are then dipped into paint pots of natural pigment dyes and pressed by hand onto our cotton cloth, with each colour being individually applied by a master craftsman. Choosing this method over other, more machine based processes helps keep the traditional art of block printing alive.