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Made in Mada


      ABOUT US

      We have lived in Madagascar all our lives and have loved sharing, living and working with the Madagascan’s people.
      With my ancestors arriving in the country at the end of the 19th century, and Dimitri living in Madagascar for over 25 years, it is truly our heart and home.
      “After moving to Sydney Australia in 2013, it was important for us to keep a close tie with Madagascar. We would like to share our love and passion for the country in Australia and around the globe. With many labels in shops reading ‘Made in China’ or ‘Made in India’, we found it a waste to not share the amazing handiwork of the Madagascan women.


      Our Company “Made in Mada” created in 2014 after we moved to Sydney.
      By creating work for the locals, the establishment of Made in Mada assisted in maintaining traditional Madagascan crochet and weaving production and provided workers with a sustainable income.
      The nature of the products and growth of the business in the past few years means their income is not only seasonal as we give them the opportunity to work all year round.
      The result of the locals working in favourable conditions, close to home and close to their families, is the beautifully pieces made by hand with unmatched craftsmanship.


      From all natural, sustainably sourced fibres which mainly originate from the native raffia tree, we can create Made in Mada’s range.
      So what is raffia? Raffia palms grow in the middle of the tropical Madagascan rainforest and actually need to be harvested regularly to allow other fauna and flora to grow. The palm has a short trunk and leaves that may be up to 18m long! Nearly 100 smaller leaves which are cut and torn off in parallel lines compose each of these branches.
      Madagascan use the fibers harvested from these trees to traditionally weave baskets and hats. Once treated, the fiber is soft, pliable, strong, durable, easy to dye, non-shrinking when wet, and biodegradable.