Noosa Amsterdam PETITE Chunks Arrive in Australia

Noosa Amsterdam Petite Chunks


Introducing the Noosa Amsterdam "Petites" collection to Australian shores.  The petite collection has been available in Europe but not before with Australian retailers. 

The Petite chunk is a new range that is smaller than the "Original" series of chunks and come with their own range of bracelets, necklaces and rings to adorn.  The petite chunks are released in titled collections of 5. You can collect the sets or simply buy individually based purely on the ones that you love!

The bracelets in the petite collections are finer in width than the original series and my favourite piece of jewellery in this collection would be the stirling silver rings which you can change the chunk on as you wish - love!

When browsing the petite and original range within my website their size is in the heading or use the "size" filter down the right hand side to view your collection of choice.

N.B. the petite range of chunks are not compatible with the original series accessories.

Really loving these, I hope you do too xx

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