Noosa Amsterdam Holiday Collection

This Holiday season Noosa Amsterdam has brought together elements of the holiday spirit to its new Christmas inspired collection.
Featuring motifs of luck, hope and joy to take with you into the new year!

The holiday spirit is embodied in this bracelet.
Brass elements – for a joyful mood
Star-shaped perforations – as a symbol of light, unity, & protection.
Red leather - symbolizes fullness of life, energy and passion.

This limited edition is available in two sizes: S (for wrists with a width of 16-18 cm) and M (for wrists with a width of 18-20 cm).

Limited Edition Chunks
This beautiful Butterfly Chunk® symbolizes transformation and change we experience in life. The spirit of the butterfly reminds us of our ability to go through important changes in life with lightness and our own power to bring joy and bliss into our lives.

The Scarabee is a mythological symbol of ancient Egypt. The mystical scarab is a symbol of eternity. The scarab symbolizes the cycle of life and death, and is seen as a form of protection.


The Shining Star has a strong spiritual meaning, guiding and protecting us by bringing enlightenment to dark nights.

The four-leaf clover is more than a lucky charm.
Only one out of ten thousand clovers has four leaves.
It represents happiness, hope, faith and love, which is expressed by its heart-shaped leaves. This Limited edition Chunk and Relic is a great gift and personal memento.
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