Buy Kompanero Bags at Your Favourite Stockist in Australia

Ever since we discovered Kompanero bags, they have become one of our favourites. We cannot help it; whenever Kompanero introduces new models, we have to order some. They strike a chord in us. What is the secret of these bags with their semi-Spanish name? (The Spanish word for companion is compañero). Why do they have power over us?

What's the secret about Kompanero?

Kompanero bags are made of leather with a "distinctive, weathered look and vintage appeal". Leather is a natural material, and this is important to us.

In our time, the early 21st century, so many things are sadly artificial. We cannot deny that it's impressive how machines in factories can turn a blob of plastic into any shape, texture or colour, even smell. Distinguishing fake from genuine becomes increasingly harder. Big business seems intent on making us lose our touch with nature. They only care about using cheap ingredients, turning them into something which looks expensive and selling them for high profits. While many may consider this a blessing and will buy while giving a satisfied pat on their purse, we prefer authenticity.

Usually, that authenticity also means better quality. Plastic doesn't have much resistance, while leather will stand the test of time. Even if a mishap occurs with a bag that already has a weathered look, how much worse will it look? Consider stonewashed jeans or ripped jeans. Do you feel wonderfully comfortable wearing them because you know that if an accident happens, they won't look worse for it? Just like jeans, Kompanero bags are timeless companions. That's why we are a Kompanero Stockist in Australia.

Why you should Buy Kompanero in Australia

The first Kompanero bags were handcrafted in 2014 in the city of Bangalore, India. In only four years, the company has expanded their business to Australia. You might expect that the success would cause them to shake off their old, humble tags quickly. Not so! They work closely with the craftspeople of their hometown, to support, sustain and grow the culture of craftsmanship.

At Seasons Emporium, we choose our brands carefully. Not only should they produce exceptional accessories at a reasonable price, but we also value their efforts relating to fair trade and the environment. In this respect, Kompanero does not disappoint. They use vegetable tanned leather instead of toxic chemicals which harm nature. They pack their products in reusable cloth dust bags which are bio-degradable. Each Kompanero bag is individually piece-dyed, reducing wastage of both leather and water. If you buy Kompanero in Australia, indirectly you help others and do something to sustain our earth. Kompanero is a "kompany" with a "konscience".

Do you want to know more about Kompanero bags, about their production process and their efforts to sustain local artisans and the environment? Ask us, and we'll be happy to give you more facts. We are proud of all the brands at Seasons Emporium. Are you pleased with the accessories you purchased here? Let us in on your story. We’d love to share it.

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