Noosa Amsterdam Original

Showcase your Personality by Adorning Your Bag and Wallet with Chunks from Noosa Amsterdam in Austra

Through the ages, women have adorned themselves with accessories. In early times, jewellery made of natural materials such as bone, wood and leather could signify the status and occupation of the wearer in their tribe. Later, when we learned to work with metal and precious stones, jewellery was worn as a symbol of esteem and wealth. In modern times jewellery and accessories have taken on a more decorative function.

Noosa Amsterdam Takes us Back to Our Roots

Today we wear jewellery not so much for its capital value or as a status symbol, but rather as a statement of our personality. With this shift in mind, owners Nathalie Mangnus and Alette Zeijlstra from Holland created a new focus with their range of interchangeable Noosa Amsterdam Chunks, Diams and charms that can be used to adorn the range’s jewellery, bags and wallets. Their designs are a marriage of ideas inspired by their hometown Amsterdam and the lore and traditions of the people they encountered while travelling in Australia, thus the name Noosa Amsterdam.

When you buy a Noosa Amsterdam bag, a Noosa Amsterdam wallet, or leather jewellery, you will find that it is made of 100% naturally tanned leather. Hand stitching and slight variations in natural leather make each bag and wallet one-of-a-kind. Not only that, the modular concept of Chunks allows you to add your selection of elements to personalise your bag or wallet, and to create a new look to match your outfit by swapping out with other Chunks in your collection.

Noosa Amsterdam Chunks are made from a combination of materials such as metal, stone and resin, taking us back to our early traditions. Each Chunk in the extensive range at Seasons Emporium has its unique origin and story to tell. Some Chunks and Diams are purely decorative, while others carry forward the beliefs and symbolism of our forefathers. Chunks celebrate ideas from ancient Greece to Egypt, to Buddhism and American Indian folklore. Everything from symbols to ward off evil to fertility and prosperity charms are included in the range, enabling you to combine Chunks to suit your personality and story.

Chunks are handmade by more than 400 artisans all over the globe in a sustainable environment, enabling artists to work close to home and earn a fair wage. When you buy a chunk, it’s not only beautiful; you are supporting Fair Trade.

Seasons Emporium is Your Foremost Stockist of Noosa Amsterdam in Australia

When shopping online for a Noosa Amsterdam stockist, you need look no further than Seasons Emporium. We encourage our customers to celebrate their individuality through accessories, and we believe that there is no more versatile range than Noosa Amsterdam. When you shop with us, you can be assured of personal attention. Every item is carefully chosen and inspected before we send it off to you, ensuring that you receive flawless pieces. We offer a gift-wrapping service and ship all orders over $ 50 free in Australia.

If you like to express your personality through accessories, there is no better way than with Noosa Amsterdam. Contact us today to find out how Noosa Amsterdam accessories, from jewellery to bags and wallets, can reflect your originality.

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