Palas Jewellery Ball Chain Necklace - Rose Gold - 50cm

Palas Jewellery Ball Chain Necklace - Rose Gold - 50cm

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This ball chain is crafted in Italy in solid sterling silver and plated in rose gold .25 microns. Charms easily slide on to this sterling silver ball chain with no additional attachments necessary.

Pair this chain with a mixture of bronze, brass and sterling silver charms to tell your personal story. Wear your favourite family, inspiration and friendship charms close to your heart always by adding them to this chain.



Product Care

Our metals are made starting from high end quality, oxygen free raw materials and produced in strictly controlled processes. Crafted without lead, cadmium or any other noxious elements as alloy components.

Brass (nickel free)
77% copper, 23% zinc

Bronze (nickel free)
92.5% copper, 3.5% silver, 4% zinc

Sterling silver 925
Nickel free

Gold plated chains (Italy)
Solid sterling silver plated in 18 carat rose or yellow gold, .25 microns.


The silver is locally recycled in Indonesia and the alloy is imported. They do mix in some new silver when the recycled is not available and use a tarnish resistant alloy that is mixed in to create 92.5 sterling silver.

A protective lacquer coating is applied to all brass and bronze jewellery and also any silver elements that are on pieces featuring brass and bronze. It is a dipping process at the end of production to help minimise tarnishing and keep the pieces shiny. Polishing with our cloths doesn't remove the lacquer but enhances the shine.

All chains are solid sterling silver and also plated in sterling silver to keep them extra shiny.