Noosa Amsterdam Original Double Embossed Bracelet - Peach

Noosa Amsterdam Original Double Embossed Bracelet - Peach

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The NOOSA-Amsterdam Original Classic Double Bracelet embossed was created by the craftsmen of a small family factory in the Netherlands, following the centuries-old traditions of Belgian manufacturing. Vegetable tanned, genuine leather is hand processed and dyed with natural pigments. Additionally, a symbolic image of the Japanese sacred Paulownia Tree is embossed on the surface of the leather. Decorate the bracelet with six interchangeable chunks. Stylish accessory or personal talisman — it's up to you! Chunks chunks are sold separately.

Material - Leather

Country - Netherlands

Bracelet Size Chart

Select the appropriate size according to your wrist girth

Sizes XS S M
Original Classic (cm)   16-18 18-20
Original Double Classic (cm) 16-17 18-19 20-21