Stitch & Hide Leather Conditioner

Stitch & Hide Leather Conditioner

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Our leather conditioner is a formulated blend of lanolin, beeswax and other natural ingredients developed to clean, nourish and protect your Stitch & Hide leather goods.

* Please note that we do we not recommend using this conditioner on any of the styles from the Men’s wallets from our Heritage Collection.

Leather conditioner
Metal tin
100% natural ingredients
Made in Australia

Weight: 60g


About Stitch & Hide - Fair Trade / Sustainable Production
At Stitch & Hide we challenge the concept of 'fast fashion' and unsustainable consumer practices. At every step, people and planet come before profit. We choose to be curators instead of consumers and when times get tough, we don't walk away, we work harder.

With every collection, we draw inspiration from our community of unique personalities, adapting and applying their needs, wants, and desires to our designs. And while every single one of our products comes with their own personality, they all share the same purpose: to be your lifestyle companion, wherever your journey takes you.