Vigilant Heart Original Chunk
Vigilant Heart Original Chunk

Vigilant Heart Original Chunk

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There is a famous expression that says: "Keep your heart with all vigilance, for from it flow the springs of life." The heart is the seat of personhood. It is one’s innermost being; the control-center of life. What happens within us is always more important than what happens around us. Only by taking care of our inner self, having achieved a balance between thoughts, decisions, and feelings, can we take care of other people and share strength, wisdom, and resources with them. Furthermore, the quieted heart stands firm in the angry life tempest. We were inspired to create the chunk® by members of the brand's German fan community. We thank them for their love and devotion.

The appearance of the product may differ slightly from those shown in the photos. Over time, the surface of the chunk can become covered with a natural patina; it emphasizes the symbolism of the item and makes the appearance vintage.

Material - Metal

Color - Silver

Сountry - Nepal

Thematics - Inner strength